Marquez’s Loss and Pacquiao’s Victory Would Yield Pacquiao vs. Marquez V
October 14, 2013 Boxing History

For Juan Manuel Marquez, boxing has not only been his blessing, but at times turned out to be a curse as well.

Marquez is a technical marvel when it comes to boxing, and he has rightfully earned not only his titles and fame, but an entire army of Dinamita fans. He has always been loyal to boxing, but strongly believes that boxing has not returned the favor.

In his fights against Pacquiao, Marquez along with a colossal amount of boxing fans disagreed with a couple of his losses, claiming an unfair and wrongful decision by the judges. Believing that history repeats itself, this has occurred once again according to Marquez and his team.

Losing to Timothy Bradley this past Saturday was not the result that Marquez expected to hear after the finishing bell of the twelfth round. Nonetheless, Bradley was given the victory in their very close fight.

Many articles have reported Marquez as looking defeated, walking away from the arena a retired man at heart. Should Marquez feel differently? Was this a fair decision by the judges? Does it even matter?

Marquez, if he wishes so, can still fight a few more huge fights, Manny Pacquiao being the obvious number one choice. The bad blood between the two is only as strong as their positions in boxing, and at this point, both champions need a confidence boosting victory.

In other words, I believe that Juan’s loss and Pacquiao’s possible future victory will force them to face one another yet again.


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