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Medgoen Singsurat, most famous for his 3rd round knock-out win over Manny Pacquiao way back in September 1999 was a man of many talents. Besides being a more than decent boxer he was also a very highly regarded soccer player. He was on the verge of playing for the Thailand national soccer team when he suffered a broken ankle that derailed his soccer career. Additionally Singsurat was the top ranked junior table-tennis player in Thailand for 2 years – talk about athletically gifted!

The 1995 death of Eugene Barutag a fellow young fighter & close personal friend spurred a young Manny

Manny Pacquiao: Look How Far He's Come.

Pacquiao to become a professional boxer. Pacquiao started his professional career at 16, at 4’11”, and weighed 98 pounds. PacMan admitted to using weights in his pockets to add the 7lbs required for the 105-pound weight limit.

Manny Pacquiao‘s fight with Antonio Margarito will probably be best remembered for the images of Margarito’s battered facial features that circulated the world’s media in the bout’s aftermath but the contest was a statistical tour de force for the Fighting Pride of the PhilippinesPacquiao found the target with 474 from an astonishing 1,069 punches. Margarito actually landed a reasonable 229 times, though from an even more astonishing 817 attempts. Pacquiao’s total of 473 connects included 411 lands with power shots against Margarito’s 135 power connects.

Manny Pacquiao is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army.

As a child Nonito Donaire‘s hero was Alexis Argüello – he modeled his powerful left hook after the Nicaraguan icon. The Filipino Flash is married to Filipino-American Taekwando champion Rachel Marcial.

Tyson Fury was born to Irish Traveller parents. Tyson’s cousin is fellow Irish boxer Andy Lee. Fury’s family have a long history in both boxing and bare knuckle boxing.

Sugar Ray Leonard was the first boxer to accumulate over $100 million in purse money. This included earning $11 million for his first fight with Thomas Hearns in 1981 – the equivalent of $32.6 million in 2012 inflation adjusted dollars. He would earn another $11 million guaranteed for his 1987 super fight with Marvin Hagler & $13 million for his rubber match with Roberto Duran in 1989.

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