Matt Hamilton Loses Shirt @ Bookies

Bad Night for Matt Hamilton at the Bookmakers

Never mind a break, with the run I had last night betting on the fights I think I’d struggle to catch swine flu in a Chinese pig farm.

The full ENRON/Worldcom/Lehman Brother’s autopsy on my ill-fated adventure in the world of thick gold chains, chest hair & pretending to have lost the ability to pronounce the letter “t” goes as follows:

$100 on Hopkins vs Dawson to end by draw (decision) LOST

$250 on Kendal Holt to win outright LOST

$120 on Garcia vs Holt to end in under 8.5 Rounds LOST

$120 (3 times $40) on Cleverly vs Bellew to end by KO/TKO for Cleverly in Round 6,7 or 8 LOST

Total Staked: $590

Total Return: $0

Total Lost & Never Coming Back: $590

Matt Hamilton, reporting! (& on his way to a $5.95 all you can eat buffet with the money I got from selling my shirt)

Matt Betting

Matt is soon to announce his own charity boxing fight with the Bum Fights Network said to be keen to carry the PPV.