Hamilton’s: Boxing’s Believe It Or Not

Boxing’s Wide World of Weird Facts

The character Apollo Creed in the Rocky films was originally due to be played by none other than heavyweight great Kenny Norton. When Norton pulled out, Carl Weathers was chosen to play the role.

Max Kellerman was part of a hip hop group with his late brother Sam. They were known as, imaginatively, “Max and Sam“. The Kellerman’s were signed to Columbia records back in 1994 and recorded a music video, “Young Man Rumble“.


Floyd Mayweather Junior lost in the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials to Augie Sanchez. Sanchez went on to fight none other than Naseem Hamed in the professional ranks. Mayweather needed two subsequent wins against Sanchez in Box-offs to land a spot on the US Olympic Boxing Team for the Atlanta Games.

Former Lineal & two-time WBC Super Featherweight Champion Azumah Nelson‘s birth name was Nelson Azumah. He fought under the name Nelson Azumah as late as 1978’s Commonwealth Games where he won gold in the featherweight division.

Max Baer was charged with manslaughter after opponent Frankie Campbell died after their August 25,

Max Baer Frankie Campbell

Max Baer vs. Frankie Campbell resulted in charges of manslaughter. Photo courtesy Maxbaer.org

1930 bout at San Francisco’s Recreation Park. Brain specialist Dr. Tillman stated at the time “death had been caused by a succession of blows on the jaw…” and that Frankie Campbell‘s brain had been “knocked completely loose from his skull”. Max Baer was acquitted but the California State Boxing Commission nevertheless banned him from the ring for the one year. Baer would then donate purses from succeeding fights to Campbell’s widow as he struggled to deal with the events of that fateful bout.

Jake LaMotta was rejected for military service during the Second World War because of a mastoid procedure he’d had on one of his ears. This is apparently, “a surgical procedure designed to remove infection in the bone behind the ear.”

Odd Jobs

Max Schmeling owned his own Coca-Cola bottling plant and held an executive’s position within the company. Ricky Hatton joined his family’s carpet business after he finished High school but cut four of fingers with a Stanley knife so was made a salesman to prevent him from causing further damage to his most valuable assets.


Roger Mayweather on the origins of his boxing nom de plume, Black Mamba:

Roger Mayweather Black Mamba

Roger Mayweather found a kindred spirit in nature. Photo courtesy of howstuffworks.com.

“It’s funny because I wanted a boxing nickname that wouldn’t be common to most people. One day when I was flipping through channels and I came upon this channel showing different reptiles, and they were showing the black mamba, one of the most deadly snakes in the world. I loved the way the mamba attacked so quietly, but when he hit you he just hit you one time and the poison was in you. That reminded me of myself right there.”

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