Matt Hamilton @ the Bookies: Hopkins vs Dawson Edition

Hopkins vs Dawson

I’m going with a best value “controversial draw” here; small wager on a hunch of $100 at 20 to 1/21.0/+2000; as I could see this one going either way frankly & can see a Hopkins vs Dawson II in the offing for some strange reason. The bookmakers seem to feel either way this one will go the distance with Hopkins only available at a slightly better 3 to 2/2.5/+150 for the decision win vs evens/2.0/+100 for the win any way, any how & Dawson on at 8 to 10/1.8/-125 for the outright victory vs 125 to 100/2.25/+125 for the win by way of the judge’s scorecards.

kendal holt vs danny garcia

Kendal Holt is Hamilton’s Money Play at The Bookmakers.

The real excitement for my money (literally) is on the lively under-card & across the pond in the UK where a sumptuous scrap is on the same light heavyweight menu with Cleverly vs Bellew. There I have the following lined up:

On the Hopkins vs Dawson undercard I’m going with Kendal Holt to win outright with a $250 bet at 13 to 10/2.3/+130. Also taking a $120 wager on UNDER 8.5 rounds (either fighter) at 12 to 10/2.2/-500 as I have a feeling this one might end early.

Finally for the Cleverly vs Bellew fight I’m taking Rounds 6,7 & 8 for a Cleverly KO/TKO or win by stoppage at 16 to 1/17.0 +1600 at $40 a pop for a total of $120 laid out.

That’s a total stake of $590.00 & total possible winnings of $3,619.00.

Matt Hamilton, Hoping to Be Reporting Some Winnings Soon!