Mayorga Lashes Out At Cotto: He Will “Sign Up For the Ricky Martin Fan Club After The Fight.”

During the Ricardo Mayorga – Miguel Cotto Press Conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Mayorga lashed out at Cotto.  He took to the podium flashing his abs, pointing to where he plans to put the championship belt. “I’m putting money on myself that I’m going to knock him out. I’m the best, I’m better than Cotto and he’s not.  ” said Moyorga.  “Like Don said, bet for the knockout , not just a win because you’re going to win a lot of money. ”  Mayorga went on to say  “I’m going to make Cotto sign up for the Ricky Martin fan club after the fight.”

The fight airs on Saturday, March 12, PPV on Showtime.

EsNewsReporting says grab some popcorn and enjoy the entertainment in this video.