Mayweather Ahead of Schedule For Ortiz
August 20, 2011 Boxing News

Floyd Mayweather is considered to be a superior boxer who’s getting ready for his next fight on September 17th. Mayweather and Victor Ortiz will fight in Las Vegas. In this EsNewsReporting video we explain why Mayweather who’s been training really hard is ahead of schedule for his next bout.

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  1. Plus, Pac doesnt have any KO’s at 147 so his punching power is not what the media says it is. Floyd has 2 on his resume; Shamba Mitchell (body shot and he was a southpaw as well) and Ricky Hatton

  2. Floyd and Manny do have something in common. They are always in shape. Even between fights, both of them are only a few pounds give or take around ring weight. I disagree with the trainers though about Mayweather having seen fighters like Pacquiao before. He hasn’t. No one has. There hasn’t been and isn’t another Pacquiao in boxing. Everyone thinks Pacquiao is just brawler and that he’s easy to hit because of that. Well that’s what Hatton, Cotto, Margarito, Clottey, Mosley all thought too until they got hit. Everyone has a plan, until you get hit by Pacquiao. Case in point Mosley fight. No doubt Pacquiao is hittable, mainly because he engages in trading shots. Pacquiao knows in order for him to dominate and land his combinations, he needs to risk getting hit and so he does it. Floyd will land shots no question, but once floyd gets hit by Pacquiao, everything will change. Floyd will have to change his game plan and try to avoid getting hit because we’ve seen Floyd get rocked many times in his career with wobbly legs (ie. Judah, Hatton, Mosley), but the difference is Pacquiao doesn’t stop at 1 or 2 punches, he’ll keep coming and attacking for 12 rounds.

    The only downside that I’ve been saying for a long time now is the older both of them get, the worse I think it is for Manny than it is for Floyd. Why? Because Manny’s style works best if you’re in your prime with strength, speed and stamina. If he starts losing some of those because of getting older, it’s like fighting a lion who has lost his teeth. Floyd’s style is technical. It doesn’t require you to be your strongest or fastest and have endless stamina. Technical styles can be used well beyond your physical prime with success. Power punching with speed and stamina only works if you are young and in your physical prime. So the longer they wait this fight out, the more advantageous it is for Floyd because he won’t be getting into the ring with the man who had endless stamina and blinding handspeed. He may be facing a somewhat “docile” or “worn down” version of the dominating Pacquiao we saw in his prime.

    • I see your point; but, Manny is younger than Floyd so I think the age would affect Mayweather before Pac wouldnt you think? Also, fighters who have actually hurt Floyd try to follow up with MANY shots to get him out of there and have failed because of May’s defensive skills. Case in point: in the Judah fight, Zab followed up with 12 power shots after he hurt May with a st. left and didnt land ANY of them, which allowed May to recover. Watch rd. 4 of their fight and you’ll see what im talking about. That will frustrate Manny not being able to follow up AFTER a big shot

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