Mayweather: If Pacquiao Wants It He Can Get It
June 4, 2011 Boxing News

On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent out a tweet with a link to a video that said “Check this video out– All Roads Lead to Floyd Mayweather. In it, he talks about his character, selling out arenas, and mentions that he would fight Pacquiao.  The video was part of HBO’s 24/7 , promoting Mayweather vs Shane Mosley.


In the EsNewsReporting video below , Bob Arum says Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao. Arum claims Mayweather recently turned down a $65 million offer.

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  1. In Fraud’s interview, he stated “I was a small man, too. But I came up.” Does this mean he took steroids also? Fraud’s always contradicting himself! Isn’t this exactly what pappy Fraud and incohesive uncle Roger is accusing Manny of? Manny started right where this clown did, but Manny is the one who’s accused of taking PEDs or steroids or A-side whatevers. Get a grip, COWARD!

  2. arum great great grandpa go n fyt pac for 65mil no means no pactards will on ppv just pay pretty boy what he wants we see if overrated pac is truly good without steroids

  3. Lol Mayweather please you ain’t fooling no one your scared.Pacquiao will destroy you.

  4. he has a point with him having created a character of himself. He’s made it larger than life and is at a point that the less he fights the more suspense he creates when he finally does.

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