Mayweather Jr.: “Call your local cable company, because it’s Showtime, baby!”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is definitely a happy boxer, now that he has made the jaw dropping switch to Showtime, leaving HBO not necessarily in ruins, but it just might turn out that way. Why? Well because Mayweather Jr. is not only the highest earning athlete of 2012, but is clearly generates the biggest profits for whomever he works for.

“I got a divorce. I’m married again,” stated Mayweahter Jr. when talking about his switch to a new network, “I couldn’t have asked for a better deal.”

If Mayweather Jr. is truly happy, he must have signed something huge, something that will yield him a lot more money than HBO was able to offer, and that, knowing Floyd, has to be a mind-blowing sum of money.

Since he is slated to fight quite a bit more after joining Showtime, maybe he will actually get to see Floyd fight the fights that the fans have been asking for. After all, there really aren’t that many good options for Mayweather Jr. out there.

“Call your local cable company, because it’s Showtime, baby,” concluded Mayweather Jr. with his new slogan!

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