Mayweather Jr. Might Be Interested In A Fight Against Guerrero

I assume that most of you have already heard that according to Richard Schaefer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to be interested in the possibility of facing Robert Guerrero next.

Although there are no solid plans and answers from anyone at this point in time, since the talks have begun circulating, this might come to fruition.

What does this mean? Well what it means to me, and possibly only to me, is that Mayweather Jr. might have found a way to make yet another mind-blowing paycheck with very low risk attached to it.

Look, let’s be frank and not discuss this proposed bout as if it were a fair fight. I am not saying that Guerrero is anything but a tremendous world class champion, and neither am I saying that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. What I am saying, is that the probability of him facing a fighter like Mayweather Jr. and beating him is slim.

Floyd’s speed, footwork, ring generalship, experience, and most importantly ring IQ, is head and shoulders above anyone that Guerrero has ever faced. As a matter of fact aside from Juan Manuel Marquez, there isn’t another fighter with ring smarts that come close to that of Floyd’s at this time.

Guerrero has said that he will not run from Floyd, neither will he chase him, and that he will stand there and fight with him. Calling that a terrible idea would be a gorss understatement. First of all, who says Mayweather Jr. will want to stand and fight? He is just too good at taking his opponents apart from a comfortable distance. And even if he does want to trade, we have seen him stand and exchange shots with Miguel Cotto, thus doing that with Robert should not be a problem.

I can only looks at this fight as his tune-up against and possible and probable fight against Pacquiao in late 2013.


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