Mayweather Jr. Shows No Ring Rust, Performs Flawlessly


While it’s Robert Guerrero who carries the nickname “The Ghost”, this past Saturday night it seemed that Robert Guerrero was the one chasing a ghost inside the ring. Robert Guerrero spent more than half of the fight punching air and trying to knock out the ring ropes as Mayweather Junior avoided the majority of his punches.

After taking one year off, 90 days of which was spent in a 5 x 5 cell in jail, Floyd Mayweather Junior comes back to the ring against Robert Guerrero showing absolutely no ring rust, displaying one of the best performances of his career. 

While it was expected that Mayweather Junior was going to emerge as the winner, still many boxing analysts as well as fans expected to see lack of footwork as well as lack of pressing action from Floyd. Not only was his movement and defensive maneuvering absolutely stunning, his fight against Robert Guerrero was one of the highest power shot landing percentages in his career. 

Does this performance say anything about Robert Guerrero? Absolutely not. Robert Guerrero showed his heart and unrelenting determination, but he simply came up too short against the pinnacle of boxing. As most boxing fans and analysts know, simply throwing a volume of punches against Floyd Mayweather Junior doesn’t work, and as history shows, it is not a good strategy against against the slickest fighter in boxing today. But unfortunately, Robert Guerrero did just that. Trying to fight inside the clinch, is an absolutely unrewarding use of energy, and at the end of the fight, Robert Guerrero could’ve used just a little more. Guerrero was ineffective with everything he had to offer inside the ring, and was simply outmatched.

As far as Floyd Mayweather Junior goes,he absolutely stunned and impressed everybody who watched the bout. At the Post fight press conference, many boxing journalists, including myself, asked whether there were any flaws in Floyd’s performance on Saturday night, but nobody seems to have found even one. His father and now trainer, Floyd Mayweather Senior, suggested that this was an absolutely perfect fight, with nothing to fix. 

Mayweather Junior has five more fights to hold at the MGM Grand, and various names came up. The most mentioned name seemed to be ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, and despite Canelo being an absolutely amazing fighter, the Floyd Mayweather Junior of this past Saturday night would have absolutely no trouble coming out the winner in that fight as well. 

Supposedly Floyd Mayweather Junior will be coming back in September, so I assume we are going to hear some news about his upcoming opponent sometime the next few months.