Mayweather Jr.: “This Is The Longest I Have Trained For Any Fight”

“On May 4th I am going to go out there, be ready and hopefully he is ready too. This is the longest I have trained for any fight, so it should be a great night. I am going to dish it out against Robert Guerrero on this one. I am going to be the Mayweather that is active. I have young guys who are really pushing me in the gym for this fight. Sure I have bad days in the gym, but I don’t have bad fight nights, bad paydays,” stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a recent interview.

Is this really the longest camp he has ever had? Is it because he feels that the time off has really did its damage this time around?

I am not necessarily sure that an active Mayweather Jr. is a good idea for this fight. Floyd is known for his speed and maneuverability, not much for his knockout power. Guerrero can take a punch and can give one back. Aside from that, Robert’s stamina is in question, as well as his ability to move about the ring.

If Floyd fights the way he is used to, with quick in-and-outs and counterpunching, this should be one of the easiest fights of his career. Guerrero will not be able to successfully chase him down or cut off the ring.

Of course many people are curious whether time off as well as his incarceration experience took a toll on his boxing abilities, thus Floyd has a statement to make in his upcoming bout. He has to not only win, but has to do it with a bang (preferably a knockout). He has to show that he is still the fastest and smartest fighter in boxing, and that it’s still worth buying his fights.

Robert Guerrero is also coming to show the world that he is an absolute best, and his opportunity in fighting Mayweather Jr. is by far the best way to do it.

What started off as a fight that most people hoped would not come to fruition, is turning out to sound better and better as the days close in.

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