Mayweather Jr. Will Not Train With Uncle Roger, But Says “I have a lot left in the tank.”

According to an interview with FightHype, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is removing one very crucial element of his boxing career, and replacing it with something else, something that may or may not yield the same Mayweather Jr. we are used to seeing. Apparently, his uncle and trainer Roger is not in good health due to his not taking care of his diabetes, and is now simply not sharp enough for his nephew.

“At this particular time, I’m thinking about working back with my father,” stated Floyd.

“He’s not eating well; he’s not healthy. I want him to get healthy and eat better so he can have a sharp mind, because his mind is not as sharp as it once was. Roger, you know, he’s very, very sick at his particular time. We really don’t know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather as far as who’s gonna be the trainer, but I’m leaning towards my father at this particular time,” continued Floyd.

It’s a shame that this is happening to Roger and Floyd, as they were the magic duo, a pair that connected too well, producing unbelievable results fight after fight. Roger and Floyd Sr. are not the same person, don’t teach the same way, and I think that this could potentially take Floyd out of his element and jeopardize his preparation.

As far as what he is planning for us boxing fans, Floyd is ready to please:

“I have a lot left in the tank and I want to go out there and give the fans nothing but excitement.”

While I am not sure whether Floyd will stick around for much longer, I do think that without Roger his time in boxing might be cut short. Maybe I am wrong and Floyd will look just as good in the ring, if not better. He is a professional and can do most of the preparation himself, without anyone’s assistance. Even the padwork doesn’t require a genius, but what Mayweather Jr. might miss, is the mental connection, and the confidence boost that his uncle was able to give him for many years.


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