Google says Floyd Mayweather Should Be Happy with 40% of the Purse vs. Pacquiao

Google’s Take on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Matt Hamilton investigates.

The red line is for search term “Manny Pacquiao“; the blue line is for search term “Floyd Mayweather“:

Mayweather Pacquiao

Using Google search volumes as a proxy metric for interest in each fighter there seems only one winner.

Yes the combustible mix of two fighters will always usurp the interest in any one; but the above hard data begs the question, which of Pacquiao or Mayweather is the bigger draw? Floyd Mayweather has on numerous occasions during his career cited a given potential opponents lack of a sizable following as reason enough not to fight them, yet he, seemingly, now finds himself in many ways back where he was when he fought Oscar De La Hoya – as very much the supporting act to his opponents universal star power.

Oscar and Manny both possess (or did possess) a mainstream cross-over appeal that Floyd flirted with briefly yet ultimately fruitlessly in 2007 and now coverts with near obsessiveness. Google also provides us with another means for cutting straight to the reality of the public perception of Floyd Mayweather’s position in the pantheon of mass adoration or otherwise….

Floyd Mayweather Google Search

Google's predictive text for "Floyd Mayweather is"

Mayweather has managed to work himself into a position where for the sake of his legacy within the sport a fight with Pacquiao simply has to happen. The only way out – if you can call it that – would involve a loss to Victor Ortiz; which would certainly put a potentially terminal damper on the public appetite for what for now remains the mega-fight in waiting (and waiting and waiting) of this era. That said, Manny Pacquiao himself is hardly facing a push-over in Juan Manuel Marquez – especially given their history.

Money Mayweather’s Identity Crisis

Mayweather Google

You'd think with a name like Money, Mayweather would take a beating for $65 million with a smile on his face

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