Mayweather: Pacquiao Is Famous Because of Me
September 18, 2011 Boxing News

After his win over Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather talked to the media about his fight. When asked about Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather had a few words. “Pacquiao is famous because he’s connected to my name,” said Mayweather.

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  1. Used to be Mayweather’s fan, but now i want Pacquiao with PEDS or not to kick his ass! If you got technique+power+defense+Sportsmanship= SKILLS if you lack on one then you don’t have it! Pacquiao would find him very easy ,Ortiz was on his way to really hurt him and Mayweather knew he need it to no matter what finish him! ; But in all truth to the matter the only guilty in this fight was the referee ,the two fighters did not respected him and he did not impose himself,so they just didn’t give a rats ass !

  2. “Pacquiao is famous because of me” ….

    Mayweather needs a psychiatrist. Something is wrong with this man for saying that. Braindead?, maybe!

  3. How can a well known liar be credible when he talks?

    Just like when other #1 P4Ps before Floyd Jr. who got beaten or retired? Its a common practice that the succeding P4Ps moves up in ranked. Floyd Jr. never fought and beaten a #1 P4P and took his position? Floyd moved up the rankings just like Manny Pacquiao? And once Manny retires, got beaten or in any circumstances that his fights becomes boring. Naturally he’ll lose his #1 P4P ranking?

    And lets be honest not all Americans knew who is Floyd Jr. either. His Uncle Roger was probably more known because he fought HOFs Tsyzu and Chavez Sr. in their prime?

    What would Floyd Jr. say if there was no Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley is the most popular cash cow boxer of this era? Would he demand a drug test? Would he find excuses not to fight Bradley?

    A liar can only lie so much until he realizes his lieying to his own self.

  4. be honest nobody (besides filipinos) knew who manny was until this whole mayweather fight situation…all these wetbacks and flips are jealous of a BLACK man dominating the sport. they hate to see black ppl be on top…spics and flips are just as racists as white ppl..

    • Floyd Mayweather himself, is RACIST…what the hell are you talking about?

    • Then maybe you are a not a true boxing fan, if you didn’t know who Manny was b4 Mayweather! by that time he had fight the best in the world and Floyd was retired! remember De La Hoya,Cotto<Margarito ! and if you ask me Oscar won the fight with Mayweather

    • @Team Money May

      If your theory is true Floyd would have all of the advantage on the negotiating table. But he doesn’t does he. Besides the test that Floyd wanted, Manny was given the glove size, purse, and Floyd would be penalized severly if he came in over the weight limit. Manny’s name was not connected to Floyd until 2 years ago. Check what numbers he was doing and how famous Manny was back then b4 Floyd was even considered an opponent.

  5. Is Floyd jealous about everything Pacquiao has accomplished? First floyd tries to taint Manny’s image by accusing him of PEDs and now he’s trying to take credit for Pacquiao’s fame?

    Pacquiao became famous all on his own without Mayweather. While Mayweather was retired twice, Pacquiao was winning 8 belts in a record 8 weight divisions.

    Floyd needs to realize he didn’t really beat Ortiz either. He owes the beast rematch, but knowing Floyd, he won’t give Victor a rematch because he knows he almost lost that fight and met an opponent too strong and “vicious” for his liking. Just like he didn’t give Oscar a rematch either (and that was an Oscar on the downhill he beat in a narrow split decision).

    Floyd’s image is getting worse by the day as he disgraces himself and the sport with his excuses, lies, fake made-for-tv drama bs, and disrespect for everyone in the sport.

    He’s a combination of a David Haye and Prince Nasim Hamed, with a bit of the troubled and anger management problem of the young Mike Tyson. The HBO analysts made a great point during the fight of how Floyd since coming to welterweight has only a 17% KO ratio to his wins, meaning, he can’t KO his opponents at this weight. What makes Floyd think he can knockout the best fighter of all time in Manny Pacquiao who is UNDEFEATED as a champion and hasn’t been knocked out let alone knocked down by the big welterweights.

    The only way Floyd is going to KO someone in the welterweight is if your name is Ricky Hatton or you get suckered punched during a stoppage in the fight.

    I didn’t think it was possible to lose more respect for Floyd, but I realized it is. Floyd is seriously going out of his mind. Give Ortiz the rematch or step up to the plate and fight the best P4P in Manny. But all bets say he’s going to cherry pick an easier fight, say an Andre Berto, who just won the IBF welterweight belt.

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