Mayweather Sr. Suggests If Floyd Jr. Ever Hurt By Manny In the Ring, Investigation Would Need To Take Place

The potential of a Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao showdown is never absent. Despite the fact that the boxing public has showed a severely decreased interest, the only thing that had faded is the hope of the fight happening when both Pacquaio and Mayweathe Jr. are at their peaks.

In a recent interview with On The Ropes Boxing, Mayweather Sr. had suggested that the fight between Manny and Floyd Jr. is still a viable one, and that if Manny would hurt Floyd, they would have to stop and investigate: “If anything looks strange, little Floyd getting buckled or this and that by Pacquiao, then somebody is going to have to answer to this. We would have to stop that fight right there to see what the hell is going on with Pacquiao, cause something won’t be right, believe that.”

Performance Enhancing Drugs have been a topic of frequent discussion when talking about Floyd and Manny, and their long road to what seems to be a necessary fight. In the past, Mayweahter Jr. had suggested that gaining weight and preserving speed and strength the way Pacquiao did was not possible without the help of illegal chemistry. At the same time, the controversy reached new heights when Pacquiao publically agreed to random drug testing, but the fight still failed to materialize. Whether its money or steroid allegations, there seem to be too many roadblocks on this path.

What Floyd Sr. seems to be implying, is that no way can Manny Pacquiao do any considerable damage to his son unless Pacman is using the help of performance enhancers. This statement seems a bit absurd, especially when looking at what the illegal performance enhancing drugs do physiologically.

There have been dozens of boxing personalities as well as various science professionals suggesting that PEDs would not assist anyone in hitting harder. The speed and power comes from technique only, and has nothing to do with PEDs, which mostly help gain muscle mass as well as increase muscle stamina during direct use.

Fighters with weak chins will go down from almost any solid and accurate punch, while those with granite chins will be able to absorb an immense amount of punishment, steroids or not.  Having said that, boxing needs to be cleaned up, so that the ground is equal for both fighters, relying on their skills and natural training only. There can’t be a better man in the ring when one of them is half man half complicated chemical enhancement formula.

If this fight happens, expect to see Team Mayweather come up with more intense regulations and rules, with a much more involved drug testing for both camps. I cannot think of a reason to suspect Pacquiao of steroid use, especially now that he has been shown to be human in the ring against Marquez as well as Bradley. Maybe after these two fights, Mayweather Jr. will take the ground breaking payday and fight Pacquiao, if of course Manny wins his upcoming bout against Brandon Rios.


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