Mayweather Sr. vs Jr. – Disrespect or Fake Drama

In the recent HBO episode of 24/7,  Mayweather vs Ortiz, Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr. got into a massive fight. The argument was heated and is being considered degrading by many boxing fans. In fact, Twitter and Facebook was buzzing right after the show. Although some thought it was degrading how Mayweather talked to his father, others thought the entire argument was fake. What do you think?

EsNewsReporting Comment:

sikudski says: Good role models this father and son. if you wanna grow up a gangsta that is.

Fake Drama! You see how fake Floyds looks at trying to create drama

Sam Alvarez: Dude dat was foul Wat he did to his pops !

Jeffrey Barrera : I’m sorry but floyd jr is the best but he doesn’t respect his father and with out his father he wouldn’t be shit. And u can tell Rodger understands that

Luis Solorio: The fight was legit. Since all the Mayweathers are hotheads, it was bound to happen.

Check out the video below. At 23:40 the argument begins.