Mayweather to Seckbach : You’re A Hater

Floyd Mayweather (41-0 25 KOs) is one of the greatest boxers of our era, some say the greatest of all time. In this EsNewsReporting video we visit the Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas, as he’s getting ready for his September 17th fight against world champion Victor Ortiz.
In an interesting turn of events, while training in front of the media, Mayweather calls out Seckbach saying “you hate.”  Check out the back and forth interaction.

Mayweather: It don’t matter, you can’t fight.
Seckbach : Have you seen me spar with James Toney?
Mayweather: Don’t tell me nothing about James Toney. He’s with Freddie Roach , right?
Seckbach: He was.
Mayweather: He got in trouble for what? Enhancement drugs!

Later Mayweather went on to say : Yeah, he’s hating.
Seckbach: At least I’m good.
Mayweather: You’d be on HBO if you were good. You alright, that’s why you local. I know you live in California, I know. I can tell when they hatin’ on me. I can smell, I can taste it. After 41 wins, you should be riding my dick, no homo.
Seckbach: Ask HBO where they get their stories from?