Floyd Mayweather Wins Via Unanimous Decision

Mayweather vs Cotto Rd by Rd

Maywetaher in the ring Cotto walking in

Rd 1 Mayweather and Cotto feeling each other out. Miguel Cotto landed a good combination but Mayweather did enough to win the first round. Mayweather now comes forward.

Rd 2 Miguel Cotto momentarily lifts Mayweather up in the air. Cotto lads significant combinations. this fight is definetly competive and close.

Rd 3 Cotto doing well but mayweather is blocking most of the shots.

Rd 4 Floyd starts to take over. Looked great in this round.

Rd 5 Cotto is dancing around. Floyd by ropes Miguel landing some shots. Cotto gets hit by Mayweather in corner. great fight so far. Cotto lands a big shot. Maywetaher hits back.

Rd 6 Cotto comes forward and lands a few shots on Mayweather’s body floyd answers with a jab. Big jab by Cotto. Cotto moving well. Floyd bleeding from nose.

Rd 7 Cotto in pink socks. Mayweather moves forward. Big uppercut by cotto. Mayweather fights with hands down. mayweather landing combos. Mayweather did well gets rd.

Rd 8 Mayweather lands a big shot. cotto lands a low blow. Cotto landing big. Cotto takes rd.

Rd 9 Mayweather starts rd strong. Mayweather did well this round.

Rd 10 Maywetaher landing a jab and an uppercut. Cotto moves in but Mayweather in control.  Big left by cotto mayweather answers. Cotto lands an upper cut.

Rd 11 Floyd moving around. Cotto moves in on Floyd as floyd is on the ropes. Floyd lands a shot on cotto’s left eye. Mayweather moves in.. Cotto seems to slow down in the round.

Rd 12 Mayweather pushes cotto into ropes. both fighters are talking.  Mayweather dazes cotto in the last minute. Floyd Mayweather wins the round decisevely