Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Judges: Why It Smells Like An SD + Rematch

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao judges announced as Dave Moretti, Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements.

Dave Moretti has been appointed to judge 8 of Floyd Mayweather’s last 10 fights (including the upcoming one with Manny Pacquiao). Mayweather’s only other fights since Oscar De La Hoya not judged by Moretti were Victor Ortiz & Robert Guerrero. Moretti first judged a professional fight in 1977. He is 70 years old. He judged Mayweather’s fights with Ricky Hatton; Juan Manuel Marquez; Shane Mosley; Miguel Cotto; Saul Alvarez (116-112 Mayweather); Maidana 1 (116-112 Mayweather) and Maidana 2 (116-111); as well as Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto; vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 3 (115-113 Pacquiao); vs. Shane Mosley (120-108 Pacquiao); vs. Oscar De La Hoya; vs. Erik Morales 2 & vs. Erik Morales 1 ( 115-113 Morales).

Verdict: Clearly a potentially Mayweather friendly judge & one Pacquiao might not have fond memories of from Morales 1.

Glenn Feldman was the only judge to score the bout in favor of Marquez when he fought Tim Bradley in 2013. Feldman was the only judge to score in favor of Pablo Cesar Cano when he fought Paul Malignaggi. Scores: Glenn Feldman 109-118, Tom Miller 114-113, Nelson Vazquez 114-113. Feldman is a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch during the day. Has never judged a Mayweather fight. Has never judged a Pacquiao fight. Had Adrien Broner vs. Paul Malignaggi as a 115-113 Broner win. Although he has vast title bout experience the vast majority of this experience have been lower caliber alphabet soup title bouts – many of the WBO variety.

Verdict: The wild card & an avenue to a Split Decision that would make a rematch marketable.

Burt Clements has judged 3 Floyd Mayweather fights in the past: Marcos Maidana 1 (interestingly going widest for Mayweather in that one 117-111); Juan Manuel Marquez (again and again interestingly going widest for Mayweather in that one again 120-107) & Ricky Hatton. Has never judged a Pacquiao fight. Was the only judge who thought Tim Bradley beat Diego Chaves.

Verdict: Clearly a potentially Mayweather friendly judge going on his history of wide Mayweather calls.

What better than one $367 million fight? You got it… Two $367 million fights! Alas after the ticket drama any rematch might have lost yet more momentum but surely even a $280 million rematch would be in everyone’s financial interests? That’s my thinking anyway as we approach the fight the world was extorted for….

Kenny Bayless has been picked as referee for fight.

Las Vegas has seen 5.5% of bookings for May 1 to May 3 cancelled as ongoing confusion about event ticketing has reached the point of no return for many fans who’d otherwise have liked to have been there.

People are now worried about their hotel rooms and no fight. Some paying thousands a night for rooms and now no tickets to be found.Bill Corrigan

Even if the tickets were sold at face value, the gate receipts would be in the region of $72m. This year’s Super Bowl by contrast took an estimated $71m at the gate.