Fan Reaction to Mayweather Ortiz HBO 24-7

Mayweather Ortiz 24-7

The Maywetaher vs Ortiz HBO 24-7 has gotten mixed reactions from boxing fans.

Daniel Meyer Writes:   Elie, check out my thoughts after 24/7 –

1. Ortiz didn’t have anything and works for everything he gets, as well as the people around him.
2.Mayweather mentions his record 41-0 for 16 years. How did he do that? Carefully handpicked fighters comes to mind.

3.Messed up how Ortiz’s mother left them. Miss Jackson is super hot! I am now jealous of Mayweather.

4.Mayweather has to bribe 50 cent: Club Crackers and Chef Boyardi Ravioli so he can stay with him..

5.Wondering if the fight between father and son Mayweather was staged..There were way too many people in that gym. It was like they were watching a play. The very beginning Floyd Sr. looked on the corner of his eye at the HBO camera with a smirk before things got heated. It MIGHT have gotten more real in the end though. Mayweather later tweets hoping everyone enjoyed the episode.

6.The truth comes out! Mayweather says he’s cashing out on another stupid payday(yeah that us idiots pay for), and mentions retirement again..A great boxer right there!

Another fan, Dutty Gring had this to say:

I cant believe @hboboxing show @FloydMayweather footage beefin wit his Pop Y? So Manny Can continue to be the media darling. Stop lying HBO

While another fan, Eddy South writes:

 its kinda sad that they can’t seem to stay united as father and son…two huges personalities….hopefully they can get it together before the fight

 Chris Clavecillas adds:

I hate how they brought in 50 cent just to boost ratings. I wanna see these dudes train, not a bromance. Honestly I feel 24/7 lost a lot of substance. Its always the same shit every time, no matter who’s fighting.

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We at EsNewsReporting want to know what you thought of HBO 24-7 Mayweather vs Ortiz. The fight itself is going down September 17th and will air on HBO PPV.