Mayweather to Seckbach, “You local”. Hamilton to Mayweather, “You need a geography lesson. Sit down, class is in session”

Elie Seckbach: Internationally Known & Locally Respected

“Pretty Boy I know you dun’ heard about him”

Floyd Mayweather sometimes get’s it spot on in his analysis of, say, modern day America & the course of capitalism. I fondly remember walking out on the last dead end job I ever held (before I blew up) utilizing his “(Remember) America was built on controversy & money” quote in my parting shot email to the office drones I co-slaved with at the intellectual sweatshop we commonly referred to as “the company”. Frankly there are aspects of Floyd’s character I am drawn to, that inspire me – that give meaning to the chip on my shoulder I’ve learnt to accessorize & accentuate my personal commercial persona around. I am, though, not beyond calling him out for blatant misrepresentations of the truth.

Floyd Mayweather vs Elie Seckbach

Matt Hamilton: "Mayweather Swings & Misses Badly in Labeling Seckbach Local. The Scoreboard Don't Lie."

Perhaps my personal relationship with Elie ratchets up the level of outrage & displeasure I felt upon hearing of Mayweather’s outright lie that Seckbach is “local”. Allow me to elaborate. Forgetting for the moment that Elie Seckbach is, to me in any event, a shining example of the American Dream; of first generation immigrants to the Land of Opportunity still being able to make good, prosper & establish a niche for themselves & their livelihoods. Forget that stories such as his are in dire need of replication during these troubled economic* & politically uncertain times. Forgetting too that Floyd’s sudden affinity for the greatness of HBO is perculiar, hypocritical & frankly laughable. I’ll allow the facts to speak for themselves instead.

I began tracking the location (by city) of visitors to back on 4 May of this year. During the 4 months & 10 days that followed I am delighted & thankful to all of our loyal GLOBAL visitor-ship to report we’ve seen visits from 8,176 cities & large towns in 179 countries around the world. Assuming Floyd’s reference was a jab at Oxnard I can tell him that, whilst we obviously enjoy fantastic patronage from the home town of Robert Garcia & Bam Bam Rios – that fully 9 other cities around the world, including Manila & London bring more visitors. In fact fully 42.8% of our traffic emanates from outside the United States of America.

My message to Floyd is thus buy an atlas with some of that money you keep going on about – because your definition of local leaves your sanity in question.

Matt Hamilton, Reporting! (From Cape Town, South Africa; which is 10,029 miles by air from Oxnard so not very local either).

*And yes I do grasp the utter futility of preaching respect for the global economic contraction & its aftermath to a guy who is known to set $100 bills on fire in night clubs.