Mayweather Keeps the 0: By Any Legal Means

Floyd Mayweather Suckerpunch

Floyd Mayweather Junior remains undefeated, moving to 42-0 with his first win by way of knock out since his 10th Round stoppage of Ricky Hatton way back in 2007. He is also once more a world champion – taking the WBC Welterweight strap off of Victor Ortiz who failed at his first attempt at defending the title he won so deservedly against Andre Berto. Having had a day or so to digest everything that transpired on HBO’s Star Power: Ortiz vs Mayweather main event I’m in a position to offer some considered observations.

The sport of boxing is almost by definition an endeavor characterized by the need for survival and the premium of conquest at any (legal) cost. Put simply, boxing is distilled poignantly by the phrase: Kill or get killed. Hit & don’t get hit. Despite whatever the individual may make of Floyd Mayweather the man, the manner of victory – if legal – to me anyway, is always justified. Palatable? Perhaps not, in this case certainly not – but a win is a win, as abhorrent & unsporting the means the ends justify those means.

Victor Ortiz played the telling part in the drama that unfolded at the MGM Grand late in the 4th Round and his sudden demise that saw the somewhat anti-climactic conclusion to what had been a turbocharged promotional success to that juncture. If you want to blame someone – blame 24 year old Victor for his blatant naivety and inexperience in inextricably offering what amounted to a free shot from Money Mayweather. After the head butt that preceded it, Floyd was hardly in need of an invitation to extract explosive & terminal retribution.

Speaking with former IBF Junior Middleweight World Champion Paul Vaden early Monday who was of the opinion that (Saturday)”was a bad day for boxing all around” I’m inclined to agree – at least in the short term. By that I mean the first of the last two of the seemingly infinite amount of hurdles to Mayweather vs Pacquiao has, awkwardly & bizarrely, now been negotiated. I do, though unequivocally echo the sentiments of those who feel the boxing community was short changed by what Star Power eventually was able to deliver on.

Where to from here? For Mayweather all roads lead to a showdown with the Fighting Pride of the Philippines though one doubts that we will be spared a veritable litany of supplemental public theater as we edge closer toward what has been a seemingly perennial must make fight for several years now.

One hopes the sport will be spared any such Mayweather instigated controversy should the big one ever go down.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNews – Reporting!

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