Lionel Messi: Argentina’s Other World Beater

Lionel Messi: Argentina’s Other World Beater

Lionel Messi: Soccer’s Pound-For Pound #1 

Sergio Martinez is not the only Argentine who has established himself and continues to establish himself as a talent of global & era defining significance within his sport. The similarities between the story of Martinez & that of Barcelona’s football (soccer) superstar Lionel Messi don’t end with their supreme abilities within their sporting disciplines. Both Sergio & Lionel came of age professionally outside of their homeland – Messi moving to Spain & the Barcelona Youth Academy before he was a teenager & Martinez last going into professional combat on home soil way back in 2002.

lionel  messi PES 2011

Lionel Messi is a soccer dream machine. Here he is on the cover of PES2011.

Eerily too, perhaps, this is not the first time Argentine can claim to have arguably the world’s premier fighter & footballer simultaneously. Give or take a year the same was perhaps possible to argue in the late 1970’s when Carlos Monzon held court as the dominant middleweight of his era & the coming of the great Diego Maradona was already in the pipeline with his professional debut coming in late 1976 as a 15 year old phenom. Both Monzon & Maradona’s lives went on tumultuous & in the case of the former fatal paths from that point. Again herein lays a serendipitous trait between the two current top dogs – Messi & Martinez – both, in stark contrast to their chaotic living predecessors are supremely humble, well grounded & clean living individuals.

Lionel Messi Highlights

Diego Maradona vs England 1986

Sergio Martinez Highlights

Carlos Monzon Highlights

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