Michael Koncz: “We’re not interested in the US for this fight.”

It appears as though after all these years, Manny Pacquiao is starting to dislike the idea of paying taxes in United States, and as his chief adviser Michael Koncz had recently suggested, Manny might hold his next fight elsewhere in order to keep more of the money that he earns.

“We’re not interested in the US for this fight,” stated Koncz. The possible locations of Pacquiao’s next performance are Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Macau.

I am curious as to what this kind of a drastic decision could do to Manny’s image and career. USA has always welcomed Manny with arms wide open, and he has made his name, as well as carved his career in Las Vegas, NV. His fights are generally sold out, and the majority of the PPV buys are American money.

It is possible that some people might criticize this idea and avoid paying his fights, instead finding illegal ways of streaming online or downloading the fights ass soon as they were over. I am also assuming that if the fight is held elsewhere, getting a pirated copy minutes after the event concludes will be much easier.

Another question that came to mind, is whether he will get paid the same amount if he fought somewhere in Asia for instance? The seats would not sell for the similar price to Vegas, and the merchandise would not fly off the shelves as it does in the States.

Do you think that Manny should fight in Singapore or Abu Dhabi instead of Las Vegas?


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