Middleweight Brandon Harder Explodes Onto Boxing Scene With Impressive KO

Middleweight Brandon Harder Explodes Onto Boxing Scene With Impressive KO

This past Saturday night at the Landers Center in Southaven, MS, middleweight Brandon Harder made his pro boxing debut in style with a devastating knockout victory against Willie Bryant.

At 52 seconds into Round 3 the southpaw threw a textbook short right hand and caught Bryant square on the proverbial ‘button’, putting him to sleep in dramatic fashion, his limp neck and arms being held up by the rope as his body just laid there motionless. 

Experiencing the glory of winning by KO is nothing new to Harder.  As a MMA fighter Harder is 2-1, 1 KO, 1 Submission), but he showed Prize Fight Promotions and his large crew of supporters that he has found a home within the squared circle.

“It means everything,” said Harder.  “I work full-time as a Memphis Police Officer, so I sacrifice all my free time to training and running our awesome new facility, Prize Fight MMA Academy in Southaven.”

You see a lot of boxers and MMA fighters making the transition from one fight sport to another, and it was clear that having the professional MMA background as Brandon does gave him an edge Saturday night.

“I do believe it gives me an advantage,” said Harder.  “I love to stand in the pocket and throw leather.  My mental toughness from fighting MMA has to help as I can go places mentally in there where most cannot.”

Going forward, Harder has proved that he can dominate whether it is within the cage or the ring, but where does the heavy hitter feel most at home?

“I’m doing both (MMA and boxing); I love to fight so the more often the better.  I have always trained boxing separate so a few weeks out I cut off the MMA training and focus solely on boxing.  I’m back in the cage May 19 at the Landers Center and will be looking to knock another head off somebody!”

Brandon Harder has shown he has the determination, drive and raw talent to go far in this sport.  In a division without too many big punchers and fighters prepared to go to war each time they step between the ropes, Brandon Harder may be what the boxing world needs to get excited about again.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank my Lord; he puts people in my life that bring so much positivity.  Also my amazing girlfriend Michelle who trains with me on a daily basis; and my tough as nails training partners Jake and Zach Underwood—they hit harder with 16 oz. gloves on than most do in 4 oz!  I lost my boxing coach Ken Blann last October; he was a trainer of champions but most of all he was a father figure and a beautiful person.  I fought that fight for him.”

A class act in and out of the ring, remember the name Brandon Harder, as he will undoubtedly be making a big splash in the fight world in the near future.