Miguel Cotto: Greatness Interrupted

Miguel Cotto: A Career of Two Chapters

Rewind to 2007 & Miguel Cotto was widely (or at the least in many informed sections of the boxing world) regarded as a potential heir apparent to the Pound-for-Pound lineage of Julio Cesar Chavez, Roy Jones & yes, Floyd Mayweather Junior.

In truth the pre-2008 vintage Miguel Cotto was a feared, respected & highly regarded boxer-puncher with an increasingly fabled lethal left hook. Some will insist that Cotto, though possessing significant skills with both offensive & defensive weaponry, was simply another good fighter who had flaws – flaws that on a long enough time line were bound to be exposed. I am not sure I buy into that – or at the least do not feel I was afforded the opportunity to see that “inevitable” outing take place in any semblance of a legitimate or natural passage of events.

No, the events that transpired during & in the aftermath of the now universally dubious 2008 summer showstopper that was Cotto vs. Margarito I left a permanently bitter taste in the mouth of fans whose sole allegiance is to the sport itself – & to the unearthing of the next great boxer around whom an era of significant rivalries & clashes can be constructed. Some will muse about the psychological impact of his devastating TKO loss in that bout – not a matter to be overlooked to be certain – though I fear the very real physical battering the to that point undefeated Miguel Cotto sustained could have had lasting & (at the very highest level) terminal repercussions.

As the boxing community gears up towards “Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto” there will nevertheless remain an overriding sentiment of what could have been when considering the life, times & career of one Miguel “Junito” Cotto.

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