Mike Tyson: “I didn’t do that f***ing crime.”

“Well, I didn’t do the crime. I was set up – I don’t care what people say. I didn’t do that f***ing crime,” stated Mike Tyson in an interview with OneNews when asked about the long forgotten rape conviction.

I don’t think that anyone has heard the new humble and life-loving Mike Tyson say things in such a way in a very long time. A long period of time has passed since Desiree Washington, 20 years to be exact, and still people find a way to try and bring out the old Mike Tyson.

I don’t understand what was the interviewer trying to achieve? There is clearly absolutely no new information on this topic, not only because it has been two decades, but also because this topic has been gone over probably well over a thousand times over the years. The interviewer, in my opinion, should be either let go, or taught how to decide on the right topics to talk about. The rape conviction was a topic a long time ago, but is no longer anything of value to anyone.

Unfortunately people will always try to get Tyson upset, as that means blockbuster publicity.