Mike Tyson Says He Would Beat Both Klitschko Brothers

Fantasy boxing match-ups are extremely popular on boxing forums, as they bring interesting conversations and debates to the boxing fans. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali vs. Wladimir Klitschko, or Manny Pacquiao vs. Roberto Duran, the boxing fanatics always have good time trying to prove each other wrong.

How would Mike Tyson do against the Klitschko brothers, is a question that has been asked too many times. Some boxing fans agree that with Tyson’s ferocious power and stunning upper body movement, he would have no trouble getting on the inside and landing  lethal body shots. Others disagree, stating that Wladimir’s long jab would be more than enough to keep Tyson at bay.

When recently asked about this fantasy fight, Mike Tyson stated that he would most definitely beat either brother: “I’m not being offensive; I’m not being egotistical. Clean fighting, no drugs, food and water – the basics and I think I could beat almost anybody. I think I’d put my life on it that I could. I would beat anybody in my prime on water, vegetables and vitamins.”

Aside from the late part of Tyson’s career, he was an amazing fighter, an anomaly in boxing. Betting against the prime Tyson under Cus. D’Amato would be a mistake that no one sober would ever make.

Having said that, I don’t think that the prime Tyson was ever tested against a fighter like Wladimir or Vitali. Sure he fought Lennox Lewis, but this was when Mike Tyson was nothing but a name, a shadow of a legend of the past. How would Mike deal with Wladimir’s jab? Would Mike be able to absorb Wlad’s power? Would either of the brothers have enough footwork to avoid Tyson’s quick attacks?

No one will ever know, but people will talk about this fight and still root for their champion.


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