Mike Tyson Memoirs: Hip Hop Moments

Mike Tyson & Hip Hop Culture

Matt Hamilton, Reporting!

Few modern athletes have stood quite so menacingly at the intersection between sporting & popular culture as one Michael Gerard Tyson. Tyson embodied the very undercurrent of rage, reversion to intimidation & overt aggression so prevalent within the lyrical prose of early to mid 1990s gangster rap music. It was little wonder that his ring exploits would provide both inspiration & indeed seek it from this parallel urban youth reality. It is a kindred-ship that perseveres to this day.

As with the mellowing out of an Ice Cube – the softening of the edges around the Tyson public persona is substantial (shocking even); though parental guidance worthy material is still derived from inspiration found in those bombastic years of a prime “Baddest Man on the Planet” Tyson circa 1986 through the day before the Tyson aura of invincibility was forever undermined in Tokyo by one Buster Douglas in February of 1990.

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