Mikey Garcia vs Juanma Lopez Rd by Rd

Mikey Garcia 31-0 26 KOs vs Juanma Lopez 33-3 30 KOs

Rd by Rd.

Juanma Lopez in ring now Mikey Garcia comes into ring fans go wild.

Michael Buffer just dropped the lets get reay to rumble and the fans go wild.

Fans booing Lopez. Fans cheering Garcia.

Rd 1 fans yelling mikey. mikey lands jab. juanma lands a combo. both fighters exchange as rd ends. Rd 1 Garcia.

Rd 2 mikey lands a left. mikey lands a hook. mikey jabs again. mikey lands more shots. mikey drops juanma. 10-8 rd for mikey.

Rd 3 mikey lands another. mikey with another shot. mikey with a 1-2 combo. lopez connects. rd 3 Garcia.

Rd 4 mikey lands big shots. mikey drops juanma again. juanama seems done. mikey wins