Miller explores Paris, Inks ‘The Ice Man’

Former boxing manager now Advisor, Dee Miller has been busy as of late building his stable of fighters
he’ll begin to work with hoping to lead them to better decisions and better paydays. His latest addition is
140lb 29-2 Vernon ‘Ice Man’ Paris who’s only 2 losses were to former Jr. Welterweight Champion Zab
Judah and Golden Boy Promotions undefeated prospect 19-0 Frankie Gomez.

Paris, who is coming off of a win, hasn’t been active since April of 2015 due to 6 months of incarceration.
In a statement to Miller, Paris said, “I want to get back to my passion. I won’t be anywhere but home and
the gym. I can focus on the ring now with a free mind,” says Paris. One of Millers’ previous clients was
former WBA Welterweight Champ James Page. Page had also had his share of run ins with the law and
served 12 years in Federal Prison after winning and defending the Welterweight Title successfully 3 times,
then returning to the ring after Miller was able to convince a promoter to give him a comeback fight only
for Page to be KO’d in the 2
round. “What can I say? I am a fan of miracles, but most of all I like to be a
part of dreams coming true. Everyone deserves chances and our God is in control, so who am I to turn
down someone’s shot at their dreams. I just want to help.”

There are other fighters that Miller says he has closed the deal on and a major promoter who apparently is
taking a look at some of his guys. It was Miller who got Page signed with Don King years ago, but says
now it’s time to work his magic with some of the newer upper echelon of boxing promoters. “When in
doubt, where there’s a MiLL, there’s a way,” he says.

Paris and recently signed Oakland Middleweight 19-6-2 Tony Hirsch are both in the gym and looking to
have fight dates in the next couple of months. Hirsch has already been getting calls to fight. Let’s stay
tuned to see how this camp progresses over the next year.