Money Talks (And Talks, And Talks..) PED or KFC?

Money at The Crossroads

Floyd Mayweather‘s imminent clash with WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz will serve as a turning point in his & the sports short to medium term financial trajectory whatever transpires at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday evening. Let’s for a moment play the game of promotional kamikaze what if…

Victor Ortiz vs Floyd Mayweather

Can Victor Ortiz Make Floyd Mayweather a Former Undefeated Champion on Saturday Evening?

A win for Victor Ortiz would be both a major upset & a substantial revenue loss to the IRS/Mayweather, Team Pacquiao & let’s not forget the pesky world economy (hey, we’re in troubled macroeconomic waters here people – the loss of a $100 million plus [all told maybe much more than that] mega-fight is a kick in the family jewels we could do without).

Where to from there? Ortiz vs. Pacquiao? Ortiz vs. Mayweather II? Spanner in the works or a vibrant three-way rivalry in the making? Ah, if only time stood still for Floyd & Manny; if only they’d collectively attained this level of mass public anticipation for their meeting inside the ring at ages I don’t know 11 and 13 respectively we’d have enough time to incorporate a third wheel (Ortiz in this hypothetical example) into the seemingly long, slow, moaning Mayweather strewn Death March to Nowhere characterized by tediously repetitive blanket & wholly unsubstantiated accusations of wrong doing from a part time fighter who by his own freewill has allowed his substantial talent to become an increasingly irritating peripheral component of the sport of boxing by willful & obnoxious inactivity and his stubborn unwillingness to sincerely participate in a negotiated settlement to give that lifeblood of the sport – us, the fans – what we so crave & deserve. Are we headed toward Hagler vs Leonard or Lewis not vs Bowe?

Saturday could well provide us with the inverse of the conclusion to Mayweather’s protracted evasion of a prime Miguel Cotto – the fight with Pacquiao getting derailed not by a loss to the latter but by reality catching up to Floyd’s ego & superb defensive and evasive skills both in & outside of the ring.

The bookmakers define “could well” as a 17.1% likelihood. An Ortiz win, though, would certainly shake things up some – if in an entirely fragmented & chaotic fashion. The alternative I dare say would see more of the same – Floyd Mayweather looking to Snow White & The Seven Chemists to save him from a head-on collision with the Manny Pacquiao Express.

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