Mosley vs Canelo Rd By Rd

Mosley vs Canelo

Rd 1 Shane moving in Canelo moving back. Shane trying to land some jabs. Odds are `10 to 1 but this fight looks closer. But shot by Canelo. Rd 1 to Mosley.

Rd 2 Mosley moving forward Canelo walking back. Canelo lands a body shot. Canelo lands a jab and body shot. Canelo with a combo.  Canelo with a big left. Canelo with another left hook. Rd 2 to Canelo.

Rd 3 canelo starts strong gets cut by headbut he is bleeding near left eye. Canelo gets rd 3

Rd 4 to canelo he was in control

Rd 5 Canelo landing big shots. Canelo landed a low blow gets warned.

Rd 6 Canelo landing soem big shots the crowd goes crazy. mosley answers. Canelo gets round.

Rd 7 Canelo lands a combo. Mosley answers with a jab. Canelo lands more shots Mosley still in fight. Bouth fighters slip now back to fighting. Rd 7 to Canelo

Rd 8 Mosley comes forward Canelo on the ropes. Mosley landing shots. Canelo lands a body shot tehn a combo. Mosley still moving forward. Canelo lands an uppercut. Rd  8 to Mosley

Rd 9 Canelo doing most of the work in this round. Canelo moving forward Mosley looks hurt. More body shots by Mosley. Canelo looking strong. Big shot by mosley. Rd to Canelo

Rd 10 Mosley landing shots moving forwards Canelo moves back. Rd to Canelo

Rd 11 Canelo putting in work, Mosley still in the fight but Canelo is on cruise control. Rd to Canelo

Rd 12 fans cheering – last round – mosley moves forwards – Canelo lands a right. Both fighters exchange. Canelo landing some big shots Mosley still standing. Rd ends Canelo wins fight