Move Over Freddie Roach, Amir Khan Hires Andre Ward’s Coach Virgil Hunter

Freddie Roach, despite taking Amir Khan all the way to the top, was somehow still not enough for the young champion after his loss to Danny Garcia, so Amir took his career in a different direction by getting rid of Roach and trying to find a different coach, one that would improve Khan’s defense.

Of all the possible options for Khan, he decided to reach out to Virgil Hunter, the long time trainer of Andre Ward.

This is indeed a very interesting move, as coach Hunt, although extremely successful with Ward, is a fairly unknown trainer compared to Roach, Steward, and a few other names.

I think that in spite of being a risky move, it could also prove to be a beneficial one. Maybe Amir and Freddie have hit some sort of plateau, and Amir thought that it was due time for a chance in his life. Of course claiming that Roach was insufficient based on his one loss is not only premature but is also naive, still, he is the one in the ring, thus he gets to make those decisions.

Personally I think that coach Hunt will mold Khan into a completely different fighter, whether he will perform better or worse we are yet to see. Regardless of what people might think and say, I am excited to see a new Khan in the ring. If Hunter can actually take Khan and make him into an unstoppable technical virtuoso like he is did with Ward, then move over Freddie Roach, we have a new blockbuster trainer on the block! I guess we will find out later this year.