Muhammad Ali Dictates The Tone Yet Again!

Prior to the death of Muhammad Ali I was planning on addressing race in sports based on the stories that were coming out during the NBA Finals. I was disgusted by the continuous race coverage that seems to always be initiated by black writers and was ready to take them to the task. Not enough black coaches, black executives, black water boys, black cheerleaders,  blackity, black, black, black! I had enough of it! I just wanted to enjoy my game without hearing all of that trash. They did it during the Super Bowl, they do it during the World Series, why is there not enough latino managers etc. I get it. Race is monumentally important but just this one time I wanted take in great competition without the obligatory race block.

And then Muhammad Ali died and the sports world forgot about race.

The discourse changed from a tribal driven agenda to one that included everyone…..

And that’s what Ali was all about…

Rest In Paradise, Champ!