Muhammad Ali’s Childhood Home for Sale. Asking Price: Only $50,000

If you happen to have an extra $50,000 to spend on boxing memorabilia, than I have a very good item to suggest for you to consider. I have seen boxing gloves go for as much as that, but this item is much bigger and heavier than any other boxing treasure you have ever heard of, and the price is way too good to be true, yet it is indeed authentic.

According to various sources, Muhammad Ali’s childhood home in Louisville, where the boxing legend grew up while being groomed to become a future boxing superstar, is up for sale at the miniscule asking price of $50K, while the true estimated cost based on it’s appraisal is a mere $23,260 according to an article posted on

It is a small white home with a sagging porch and friendly neighbors, one of which, by the name of James Calloway, was not happy with the proposed sale of the house: “I think it’s a disgrace,” stated Calloway, due to his belief that the house should instead be kept as a museum piece.

Truthfully, I agree, and think that despite the fact that the house will more than likely sell for a much more than the minimum $50,000 asking price, this house should be a priceless exhibit and not a residence of someone who simply happened to make the highest offer for this historical piece.

Washington Post has the picture of the house posted on their article page, so please take a look before this house gets taken by the new owner.

It is never easy, as a boxing fan, to see items of such historical significance be left out unattended. The worst part is that it is being placed on a public marketplace as if it never housed one of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. An item of such significance belongs on a private auction with few selected guests, those who would undoubtedly preserve this house out of respect to the legend himself, as well as the boxing history.