Naazim Richardson will be working the corner for Sergio Martinez
September 14, 2012 Boxing News

So I am safely assuming that if not all of you, than most of you have already heard that Naazim Richardson will be working the corner for Sergio Martinez. So what does that mean for team Maravilla, and does it change anything at all?

You bet it does. The trainer working the corner is a crucial part of any fight. Not only does it provide a huge confidence boost for the fighter, but the corner is also the only person that could possibly throw fuel on the flame of his fighter. Naazim is extremely experienced and is very respected in boxing, thus having him work with Sergio would be a huge benefit to have. His opinions and directions during the bout could potentially change the course of the fight, and even alter the outcome in Martinez’s favor.

This news must have been even more shocking to Freddie Roach and team Chavez Jr. than it was to the boxing fans. They now know that they are facing an opponent with more strategy and experience than they had anticipated and prepared for.

Good move team Martinez, good move!



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  1. great corner,great fighter.should be a great and exciting fight.possibly a modern hearns-hagler if we are lucky.good luck to both fighters and here is to a great fight tonight.jr. looked dead on the scales and it may be in sergio’s best interest to jump on him immediately.bring it on!

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