NBA Finals Kick Off Today – Will LeBron Be The King

The NBA finals kick off today as the Miami Heat with their big three take on the Dallas Mavericks.

NBA Finals The Miami Heat vs The Dallas Mavericks

After LeBron left Cleveland, many sports analysts said the Heat was the team beat. However, the question many had, can they get it together in one year? Well, the Heat did just that. Even though they didn’t shine during season, they did step up during the playoffs.


The big question is, will LeBron James end this season with a ring? The NBA needs LeBron to have a ring in order to become the new face of the league. LeBron also needs a ring to shake off the “looser” image. At the same time Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks will have a lot to say about that and try to deliver a championship to one of the most passionate owners in sports, Mark Cuban.


Also today at 3pm the Los Angeles Lakers will introduce their new coach Mike Brown.