NFL Coach: Muhammad Ali the most competitive athlete of all time

NFL coach Jim Harbaugh says that he considers Muhammad Ali the most competitive athlete of all time — in anything. 

Harbaugh talking to the Assiciated Press  said:

“One that Muhammad’s wife told my dad is when he was young and training he had to take the bus to school every day, 2 1/2 miles with the other kids,” Harbaugh said. “Rain, sleet, snow, humidity of the Louisville springs and falls, Muhammad would walk to the bus stop and all the kids would get on the bus and Muhammad would run and follow the bus to school every single day. Everybody thought he was crazy.”

Harbaugh, the reigning NFL coach of the year, clearly is finding different ways to motivate in his second season. Though that didn’t keep him from throwing in the old standby of “Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!” reference Monday when asked about his former Stanford team beating Southern California yet again over the weekend.

 Now that Ali visited his big brother, John, back East, Harbaugh figures it’s time for the boxing icon to come see the 49ers.

And why not baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays, too?

“We’ve been working (to make it happen),” Harbaugh said. “Grew up with a lot of Muhammad Ali stories. We all think in the Harbaugh family that Muhammad Ali is the greatest sports competitor this world’s ever known.”