NFL’S Ray Edwards Makes His Boxing Debut

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards is making his boxing debut as a heavyweight on Friday night.  Edwards is getting in the ring with TJ Gibson at the Grand Casino in Minnesota . The 6’5, 270 pound football player says he’s serious about being a pro boxer and is taking advantage of the lockout situation.

Vikings Ray Edwards Want's To Become A Boxer

Edwards is currently under contract with the NFL,  but says he isn’t getting paid enough “I’ve openly said I won’t play for the Vikings, because of the simple fact of my backup is getting paid 70 more percent than I am — there’s no way I can do that to myself,” Edwards told 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.  He goes on to say that he loves boxing and will purse it if the Vikings don’t pay up.

Oh and by the way, his backup is under a three-year contract, making more than $14 million.