The Last King(s) of British Boxing

Simply The Best of British Boxing

The late 1980s & early 1990s offered a geo-specific Golden Era for British boxing in the middle & super-middleweight division, with three protagonists all of world class stature rising to prominence & colliding in some of the most anticipated & latterly revered clashes ever witnessed in a British boxing ring.

Tragically it was not a time without its long term casualties – but for those valuable few years that punctuated the period after Ray Leonard-Hagler & the rambunctious rise proper of Roy Jones Junior; the names Benn, Eubank & Watson entered the vernacular with a concoction of admiration, amusement & curiosity seldom piqued by pugilism in the United Kingdom.

To be sure the British Isles have produced great fighters & great boxing commodities – before & after – what made this era inimitable though was the concurrent assault on the upper tier of the sport of three boxers & the predestined home grown epic showdown this demographic anomaly was sure to deliver.

You had the heavy fisted slugger Nigel Benn – the “Dark Destroyer“. You had the classically accomplished, supremely gifted & idiosyncratic boxer genius Chris Eubank – who modestly went by the ring name, “Simply the Best“. Theirs was a collision of style, ideology & persona of the utmost disparity.


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