Nonito Donaire In Funny McDonalds Commercial

Nonito Donaire has sure come along way. First he was able to successfully make his way to the top in boxing, stayed at the very top while easily defeating any and all top notch opposition, and now his name has become famous enough to shoot very lucrative commercials.

His recent funny McDonalds Fries Commercial is a lot more than just that, it shows that Donaire has become enough of a persona that big name corporations are interested in paying him to have Nonito represent their business, and to associate him with them.


Think back in time, and try to remember various commercials involving athletes; do you remember anyone who is not a superstar advertising anything?

Donaire, in other words, is slowly but surely becoming and international name, and if he keeps impressing the way he has, he just might end up being the next Manny Pacquiao. Sure this commercial was shot to be shown in the Philippines, still it’s a tremendous deal that a huge company like McDonalds picked him.

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