Nonito Donaire On Pacquiao: “He Can Beat Anybody Out There, Still.”

If anyone is going to believe that Manny Pacquiao is going to bounce back and reclaim his status as the unstoppable fighter that he was, it’s going to be Manny’s countryman and a pound-for-pound champion Nonito Donaire.

“Manny was very competitive; he was winning the fight in many people’s cards. He has the power, he just needs the dedication. When you put your life on the line, you got to be 100% into it. You got to put everything into it, and not take anything for granted with each moment, and just learn from what happened. He is still a capable fighter; he can beat anybody out there, still. As long as he is focused on just one particular thing when he’s fighting, which is training, focus on boxing 100%, then he can still be the Manny Pacquiao that we’ve seen,” stated Donaire in a recent interview with Examiner.

Of course Pacquiao is still a competitive fighter, why wouldn’t he be? His K.O. loss was not so devastating to his career that it should end it immediately. Manny lost, and now he, like many other fighters in the sport, will have to fight back to the top. Although to be perfectly honest, he still is at the very top. He is still the most wanted man in the ring, and should not have any trouble getting anyone he wants next. The only man he will not get inside the ring easily is Mayweather Jr., but other than that, Manny can make any fight happen for himself, including another, already discussed fight against Marquez.

As for Donaire, he need not worry; Philippines will have their hero back, and if not, well than he better not let them down against Arce.

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