Nonito Donaire Picks His Countryman Pacquiao Over Rios

“Of course [I’m with] with Pacquiao… for me boksingero ako, I’m a fighter. I look at it in a different light. Kung tatanungin mo ako, I would say that Pacquiao still has the edge kase he has the speed,” stated Nonito Donaire in a recent interview.

Aside from the fact that Pacquiao is Donaire’s countryman, I think that most people out there would agree with Donaire that Pacquiao is very likely to come out a dominating winner in his fight against Rios.

Does Pacquiao have the edge and the speed over Rios as Donaire suggests? Definitely.

The main edge that Manny has is ring experience. Time in the ring against top notch competition cannot be traded or bought; one has to be good enough and lucky enough to land those fights.

Of course there is also the physical aspect of their competitiveness. Rios is younger and hungry for the win. Pacquiao is a seasoned champion with a variety of competitors that he had disposed of. Manny is probably faster is undoubtedly stronger than Rios, but at some point in time, all that goes away as people get older.

Notice, I did not say old, but instead used the term ‘older’. Like a puzzle being taken apart, physical attributes diminish slowly. So will Pacquiao enter the ring against Rios as an ‘older’ fighter, or will he be the same Manny Pacquiao that shocked the world by dominating most of his competition?


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