Nonito Donaire Should Stop With Baby Steps, And Start Taking Giant Leaps

After his recent demolition of Japan’s Toshiaki Nishioka, Nonito Donaire is now ready for the next step in his boxing career. When I say the next step, I am hoping that this will be a bigger step that most other people also expect Nonito to take.

Donaire mentioned that he would love to fight Arce in Mexico next, and despite the fact that it could turn out to be a decent fight, it is not a step in the right direction. Thus far he has proven to be head and shoulders above his recent opposition, so in essence, crawling up the ladder is no longer necessary, and it is giant leaps that Donaire should be taking now.

There is an army of people that demand Nonito fight Cuba’s Guillermo Rigondeaux, and while I don’t see Rigo being as dangerous as most others do, it would be a fan pleasing fight. Truthfully, I am not even sure how Rigo was able to create such hype with his limited resume, but somehow he did. Some boxing fans are claiming that Rigo is Donaire’s biggest challenge at this point, and quote a few folks out there believe that Donaire would lose in that fight.

Taking on Rigo and dominating him would boost Nonito’s career to a place where only he will be in control of his schedules and opponents. And after that who knows, maybe someday we will be introduced to The Flash Boxing Promotions!