Nothing Cavalier About The City Of Cleveland!



Congratulation to the city of Cleveland for winning their first championship in 52 years. The decision, the letter and the injuries have been replaced with the legendary comeback, the block and the shot. The conclusion to the longest running drought for a city could not have been scripted any better. I’m not sure where the Warriors will go from here. It’s a pretty good chance that they will go from league darling to league punching bag in the coming season. It’s hard to see how they make it back to the finals next year if they have to go through Oklahoma City.

With all of the player shifting in the eastern conference and the addition of some highly touted prospects, the road to the finals could be a little harder for the Cavs next year. There is a good chance that J.R. Smith and Kevin Love have excellent confidence filled seasons next year, with Kyrie Irving putting up big numbers which is what Lebron always wanted. The Cavs appear to have everything they need from a personnel standpoint, to go along with the confidence of a champion which might be hard to beat.

Everything that needed to happen in order to get the Cavs this title happened. The coaching staff did not have enough heart to bench Kevin Love but concussion provided the perfect cover for that. Kyrie Irving destroyed Klay Thompson in game 5 shooting 70% from the field which really gave them a boost. Tristan Thompson averaged 14 rebounds per game over the final 5 games of the series and became a factor. Kevin Love found his place on that team and came up big in game 7. And Finally, Lebron James played like he deserves to be shooting Space Jam 2 this summer. Every piece to that puzzle was equally as important as the next  laying a solid foundation for the future.

I know I predicted a sweep; I was wrong and after seeing 1.3 million people show up to celebrate that victory with the Cavs I’m glad I got it wrong.