Update From NYSAC: Margarito Got The OK To Fight in NY

Update: The NYSAC say Antonio Margarito will face Miguel Cotto in NYon Dec 3. 


The NYSAC is set to meet to talk about Antonio Margarito’s eye and his up coming fight vs Miguel Cotto.

Here’s their Proposed Agenda for Open Meeting of the New York State Athletic Commission – November 22, 2011:

1) Call to order;

2) Discussion and vote to approve prior minutes of the New York State Athletic Commission (11/18/11);

3) Deliberation on pending application of Antonio Margarito (executive session to be called);

4) Vote on pending application and announcement of result;

5) Closing/General Remarks.

You can watch it live here:



Antonio Margarito with Robert Garcia will he fight Cotto in NY?