Opposing Reports: Is Canelo Facing Cotto Or Trout Next?

After his loss to Austin Trout, Miguel Cotto stated that he will indeed continue his boxing career, as he should.

Boxing forums were buzzing with the conversations and speculation of who Cotto should aim for nest. At this moment there are some two very opposing pieces of information, and of course we don’t know which one is to be trusted.

Gorodok Boxing reports Canelo’s coach Jose Reynoso stating the following:

“Cotto was an excellent candidate for a fight against Alvarez, but after his loss to Trout he is no longer an option. At this point in time Austin took his place as a nominee.”

Alvarez also agrees that Trout would make an excellent fight, saying:

“Trout is a strong fighter, left handed, and hasn’t suffered a loss yet. He has a very unusual style, and would be a great option for my May fight.”

While I do think that Trout is deserving of that challenge as well as Canelo shouldn’t think he is deserving of anything more lucrative, I do think that fighting Cotto would not only make more money, but would probably please the boxing fans more. Both options sound good to me, but if I was to choose, I would prefer to see Canelo vs. Cotto over Trout. Maybe trout and Guerrero could make something happen?

But here is the thing, while according to one website Canelo and his coach are not in favor of fighting Cotto, another website reports otherwise.

Fightnews.com has different information, one that puts Cotto and Canelo close to finalizing their negotiations. Here is what Fightnews reports:

“He will also meet with Golden Boy Promotions to allegedly finalize a May 4 fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the undefeated WBC 154-pound champion. Word is this bout was already agreed upon and both Alvarez and his promoter Oscar de la Hoya believe that Cotto is a much easier opponent than Trout.”

So which one is it? Is team Canelo interested in facing Cotto and has already decided to go through with it, or are they aiming at Trout for their next fight? I guess the only thing that we can do is wait for the next wave of news about this topic, and I believe that we should know something later this week.

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