Ortiz Being A Southpaw Won’t Bother Mayweather
August 23, 2011 Boxing News

Will Victor Ortiz being a southpaw bother Floyd Mayweather when the two get in the ring on September 17th. In this EsNewsReporting video we try to answer that question.

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  1. Yes, Manny has, not because I say so, but because the facts say so. 8 World Titles in 8 different divisions. You don’t win titles by fighting 2nd rate boxers. Floyd has fought twice in the past five years, none of them title shots either.

    Just stating the facts bro. Hope you’re not one of those floydiots who think Pacquiao is on steroids and believe that pacquiao receives secret stealth drugs from aliens too.

  2. Oh and I suppose next you will go on a long rant about how Manny has, right?

  3. but Floyd hasn’t fought the best.

  4. Floyd has already shown time and time that he can handle any style. The sooner people realize this the better off they will be. Floyd is the best and can beat any of the so-called best.

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